Top Hobbit Moments

Well, you heard the top moments from the Lord of the Rings, now it’s time for the top moments from the Hobbit! As we all well know, the Hobbit movies weren’t up to their potential, but that does not mean they weren’t good movies.

For those who are strange and have not yet seen the movies or read the book, there are some spoilers ahead.

10:  Thorin’s farewell


Yet another moment made great thanks to brilliant acting. Martin Freeman did absolutely FANTASTIC with his acting as Thorin is dying. Straight away we see his denial of the situation. He tries desperately to save him, reassuring him that he will live because the eagles have come to save them. He had gone far past hope and was now just in denial. This is acting!

9: Bilbo encounters Smaug


Everyone has got to love when Smaug has his conversation with Bilbo. Almost word for word from the book! Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice was so brilliantly used to create the voice of the dragon. Everyone loves a good dragon, as it was once said, “it’s simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.”

Fun Fact: Benedict Cumberbatch memorized the entire dialogue of Smaug from the book and voice acted it through twice, whilst wearing the motion capture suit and crawling around like a lizard (Komodo dragon specifically).

8: Thunder battle


I love this scene because of how cool and intense it looks. It is cool to see what rock giants might look like, thinking of them as if they are actual beings, not just people made of rock. The CGI at this part is one of the only parts that was done well with the animation (the other stuff did not need to be animated).

7: That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates


This song was a commodity that I just thought was necessary. I love to see things added word for word from the book. This song was also up beat and entertaining to follow. I especially love when Bofur is bumping around dishes with his elbow as he is playing his flute. Tolkien had so many songs, it’s obvious he loved music, so it is essential that that is portrayed in his book’s movie adaptation.

6: Misty Mountains song


Another song that was necessary. I love love love this song! All the deep voices of these men put together with perfect wording and feeling. This is a song that gets the listener to think about the words, and if you don’t at the beginning, when you look back at it afterward, it is pretty much a summary of their journey to be.

5: Thorin’s Dragon sickness


Of all the things that Tolkien wanted to portray with his stories, this is one of the most important. Tolkien was all about symbolism, and with Thorin’s dragon sickness, which we see more clearly with the Balrog in Moria, he was trying to show what greed and temptation does to a person. When Thorin says the exact same thing Smaug said, with Smaug’s voice at the same time, it is super cool. It is interesting to see how all that treasure corrupted even the most noble of dwarves.

4: Bilbo comes back


The scene right after the goblin tunnels, when Thorin thinks Bilbo left, is a great scene. I love Bilbo’s little speech about how he does miss his old life and how he realizes that he doesn’t fit in, but what matters is that he is willing to fight with them to win back their home, where they fit in. It is cool to see that even though Bilbo is small and somewhat wimpy, he has the courage to do the right thing and help other.

3: Gollum


I almost would leave this section saying, “nuff said,” but it deserves more than that. I love Gollum. Especially thanks to Andy freaking amazing Serkis. His work with Gollum is just pure talent. Everyone loves the scene with Gollum and his riddles. To hear so many done word for word as well was great.

2: Thorin’s acceptance 


I know I’m not alone when I say I was so angry at Thorin when he gets up after being saved by eagles and starts talking to Bilbo. We were all almost certain he was legitimately angry at Bilbo for his act of courage. I was almost in tears when Thorin admits he was wrong and gives Bilbo a hug. I was so happy. You could see they had formed a friendship that would last longer than their life times. To admit your fault, especially as a king, takes a huge amount of courage.

And to go right along with this is when Bilbo saves Thorin’s life. You just want to jump out of your seat and cheer him on. I was so happy when this happened. Such a small guy taking on a huge, purely evil orc. Amazing!

1: Bard’s encounter with Smaug


I have to say this was my all time favorite scene. The acting in this scene was perfect! When Bard’s bow breaks, and his son had just come to give him the black arrow, and Bard has to balance the arrow on Bain’s shoulder! Bain’s acting was so perfect! The fear that you could almost feel through his acting as he can hear a huge, deadly dragon coming right toward him. And Bard, you can see how much he loves his son and cares for him. And looking at his son right in front of him as he is preparing to kill the dragon makes you realize that he knows exactly who he is doing this for, he is staring right at the reason!

This was the scene that made me love Bard and Bain! I just love them! They became my favorite characters through one short scene. Their acting was just amazing!

No matter what anyone says, these movies were good. They weren’t 100% accurate, but we already should know that it’s impossible for that to happen. The actors that were chosen provided for an amazing trilogy thanks to their wonderful acting talents. Don’t let the negative critics get you down, these movies are so great!


Fiction is Reality in Its Own Way

I was scrolling through some blogs today when I stumbled on a quote by Dumbledore in the seventh Harry Potter movie. I heard it perfectly clear when I watched the movie in theaters, but I only just now realized something about it.

It could be just me taking it in the way I understood it, or it could have been meant this way, but nonetheless the message is true.


This totally started making me think about mental/emotional disorders.

Although the anxiety, ADD, ADHD, or even the extremes like schizophrenia are things that are simply in our heads, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

People tend to have little or no sympathy for those who have mental disorders because they don’t understand and can’t see it. People often say things like, “Just because you have anxiety, doesn’t mean you can’t do things.” or “Your (insert disorder here) doesn’t control you.”

While it is true that you can fight your disorders and try your hardest to overcome it, it is not true that you can get rid of it entirely. And it is NOT EASY! However many people tell you that you are being ridiculous for your actions, you need to just take a step back, and ask yourself, “Is this something I could have controlled/done better?”

A lot of the time you will feel like you couldn’t have fixed it. That even if you had known the outcome of a situation, you wouldn’t have been able to change your actions. Even if this is true, you have to remember that you can’t overcome it simply by will and the desires of your heart. You can’t overcome these things on your own, but most importantly you have to realize that your disabilities/disorders are there. You have to accept that there is something there that needs to be taken care of.

I know from personal experience that mental disorders are misunderstood. When I first learned what anxiety really was, I was shocked. All of those things that define anxiety were…me.

When I tried to bring it up with my mom, she simply said something along the lines of “maybe we should take you to a doctor,” which is parent code for, “If I say this, will you forget about it and move on?”

After a LOOONNNGG time, I finally got to the point where I was breaking down over little things like someone eating my ice cream or someone telling me that I was wrong. Everyone around me thought that I was being stupid or ridiculous. They didn’t understand why I was being such a “baby.”

I felt like crap. I felt like I couldn’t go to sleep because if I did, I would just be closer to having to wake up and do things. I would lay in bed and not want to shut my eyes because I was terrified. I cried A LOT. And all the while I felt like I was being stupid. That I was stupid for telling myself I was stupid. And on and on into a downward, never ending spiral.

Everyone I talked to told me that it was all in my head because, “if mom thinks it’s nothing, than it obviously is nothing.” Finally, after a huge breakdown over a stupid History assignment (thanks to my dictator teacher) my mom finally agreed to take me to a doctor. They had me take a survey, and after talking to me for a bit, even they seemed unconvinced. They didn’t seem to even look at the answers on the survey and they just casually prescribed a generic anxiety medication.

Worst thing they could have possibly done.

After a while of taking the medication, I found myself getting worse. I would sit in a class, considering whether or not I should answer a question, and I would start to panic and shake and my heart would pound just at the thought of raising my hand. The medication had DEFINITELY not worked!

Finally, my mom decided to give me a medication that is commonly used for ADHD. And finally I was seeing some positive changes. I was definitely more happy and outgoing. I was no longer afraid of saying something stupid in front of my friends.

And finally, I realized the most important thing about this experience.

It WAS real.

No matter what happened, I knew that these problems couldn’t have been nothing. I worked at it, trying to convince SOMEBODY that it wasn’t just in my head.

Well, actually it was in my head. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.