Gallery of My Tolkien Creations


The Works of a Wannabe Artist (That’s Me!)

lotr9Bilbo Baggins.

So, I one day was sitting in my room, when I looked up at the pictures I had on my wall. I all of a sudden had the urge to draw something. So I stared at one picture, Bilbo, and began drawing. This is what the result was.

I amazed myself with this nearly successful picture I drew! I had not expected it to turn out well.


My second picture I drew was this one of Gollum. Startled again! How did this happen?


Then I thought, how about Legolas? As you can see, my miracle talent disappeared after the second success, but I didn’t just give up! I knew I would never be perfect, but I enjoyed drawing!


Alright, to be honest, I did this dragon before anything. I thought I could imagine what Smaug was going to look like, and that’s when I realized I can’t draw dragons! A little too late, I guess., but at least you can tell what I was going for, right?


This one of Bilbo and Sherlock I did because I wanted so badly for there to be a picture like this, so I drew it myself!


After a long while of not drawing anything, I attempted Samwise Gamgee. Didn’t quite work out as planned, but still recognizable, I guess.

Then things got way crazy, and kind of complicated.


I attempted Thorin. Instead I created an old man version of Richard Armitage… but again, still recognizable right? I have to say, one of my best.

image (1)

And then I got really interested in chalk art. This was what I decided to draw! Can you tell what it is? Thinking?

It’s the Ringwraiths being chased by the river, which looks like horses! This was a huge success for me! And I had a great time doing it, despite the mosquito bites!


To conclude, I will leave you with this wonderful chalk art done by my sister’s friend, who was fourteen when she drew this! That’s what talent looks like!