Summer in the North

I’d like to take this time to share with you the very beginning of the main story line in my book, which I shared a bit of with you earlier in this blog.

For a better understanding of what my book is about, here is a synopsis. (I apologize if I posted this earlier.)

The first book in my intended trilogy, Deception Diary is titled Manifold Nature. It is about a girl named Summer Winters who is a Mancunian teenager who just moved to Utah. She is uncomfortable living somewhere so different from her hometown, and more than that the reason her family left. Not long after she moves to Utah, she finds herself unexpectedly taken to a land called Borialis. Borialis is a place where many different humanoid, intelligent species live. Summer begins a long journey in which she discovers who she really is and learns of a prophecy stating that she will save not only what she has grown up to know as earth, but all the other lands on this massive planet as well.

Summer discovers that Borialins have abilities that humans don’t, making the enemy more powerful than she thinks she can fight. Along the way, Summer makes new friends and discovers that some of them are family, and some of them are not who they say they are. Throughout her journey, she will lose many friends to lost morals and even death. All her life, Summer has felt like she doesn’t belong, and as she spends more time in Borialis, she isn’t sure if she will ever belong anywhere. Her lack of self confidence will become an obstacle in her progression, causing her to be unsure if she has the strength to fulfill the prophecy she was born into.

So, with that said, here is how my book will start and PLEASE I would LOVE some feedback! Did you feel like you could continue reading? Did you feel like you just had to figure out what she was talking about? I want to hear from you! Thank you!

Summer grasped desperately for the door’s handle, shaking violently, unsure if she could manage control over her seizuring limbs. The pounding of her heart was deafening in the abnormal silence that befell after the tragedy she had just witnessed. Her mind raced, trying to decide if the memory from moments earlier had actually happened. Suddenly, her quick breathing came to her awareness, instantly causing a panic that she might stop breathing if she lost her focus.

Almost in a daze, she clambered through the house, unsure of the speed in which she shuffled to her room. She almost didn’t remember tripping up the steps, the touch of the cool door handle and the quick twist of the lock. The sudden shift in temperature was the only indicator that she had jumped beneath the covers on her bed; she hadn’t realized the amount of shivering her body had reached until it jerkily stopped.

Thoughts screamed in her head, she became suddenly aware of her mind’s capacity for thought and memory, both of which were skewed. Had that actually happened? Her mind began to shut out communication with her body, being alone awakened the many languages of the mind. Shakily, she dug her arm out from the blankets,reaching for something, anything to relieve her thoughts from the crowded prison inside.

What she grabbed was her journal. Despite her lack of writing talent, this was the only way she could let her thoughts breathe. She had to get the events out of the maze inside and into line before her. Here goes. She thought. Her pen smoothly slid across the paper as she wrote the date.

I hope you enjoyed! I want to know if this book is worthy of publishing! I already know, obviously, that I would read it, mostly because I wrote it granted, but I also know others have different opinions. Thanks again!