What Do YOU Think?

Hello Viewers!

I, as you probably know, love to write on the topic of Tolkien’s Middle Earth! So far, I have mostly written about individual characters and the symbolism behind them. Hopefully you have been liking it! But if you would like to hear about other Tolkien-related things, please let me know! You can comment some feedback or ideas. Also, here is a poll you can take if you have a general answer to the question “What [Tolkien related] topics do you want to hear about from me?”

Thank you so much for reading and keeping up with my posts! Honestly, please leave feedback! For those of you who have been, thank you! If you want to critisize, go ahead, but please try to keep it positive! If you don’t keep it positive, your choice. You are entitled to your opinion! Again, thank you all!


Kenzie Baxter



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