Tolkien’s Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins, the famous Bilbo Baggins’ nephew, is the main character of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Because he is the main character, he is the one we most often associate ourselves with. It is common for the reader to think like the main character, because of this, Frodo is the character meant to be most like us.

Everyone goes through trials and hardships. We all are on the same journey through life, we only get there on different paths. The Lord of the Rings is meant to be the journey through life. Each twist and turn represents what things we go through in our lives.

As we follow Frodo on his journey, we see him fight temptations, trials, and challenges. At points in the story, Frodo feels lost, alone, and afraid. The one person he feels the biggest connection to is Gandalf, symbolic of Christ, which we should all try to aspire to be like. He knows of Gandalf’s death, and understands that it was done to save him and his friends, just as the Atonement did. Because of this, Frodo knows he has to finish his journey. He has to destroy the ring in order to save others. To be like Gandalf. To be like Christ.

On Frodo’s journey, there are only two others for him to relate to. Sam and Gollum. Sam is the supportive friend he needs (which I will go into detail on a different post). When Gollum turns up, Frodo sees some of himself in Gollum. Gollum becomes the embodiment of all the darkness inside Frodo. He can’t help but feel sympathy for him. Frodo discovers on his journey that he can be in control of the darkness. He doesn’t have to succumb to it. After he is captured by the orcs of Cirith Ungol, he feels the addiction of the ring. He is terrified that he has lost it, and feels like he lost a part of himself. When he sees it affecting his dearest friend, it sparks something in him. As much as he longs the ring, he knows he has to get rid of it.

Frodo has so much about him that makes him like each of us. There are tons of different aspects to Frodo’s journey, which is why he so relatable. No matter what you are going through, no matter who you are, you can relate to Frodo Baggins. That is what Tolkien intended.


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