Samwise Gamgee: The Ultimate Best Friend

Admit it, we all wish we knew a real life Sam Gamgee. Sam was the one to always be at Frodo’s side. He never, EVER, gave up on him. Even when Frodo asked him to do the one thing he promised he never would, he still obeyed his friend. The one he saw as his leader.

Sam represents that one person in your life that would do anything for you. The moment he heard that Frodo would go on a perilous adventure, that chances of death were high, he jumped at the chance to stay at his side and help him to the best of his abilities.

What most people don’t know, is that Sam really was eavesdropping on Gandalf and Frodo’s conversation. In the book, Merry saw Bilbo use the ring, and formed a sort of conspiracy theorist group. Sam did not hesitate to believe Merry, based on all the things that fit together from Bilbo’s stories, that now made sense. Sam went to Bilbo’s house to figure out what the ring was, to see what was going on with him. Instead, he heard his master discussing the very thing he was investigating.

No matter what happened on the perilous journey, Sam stayed. He provided for Frodo. Worried about him. Always had his best interest in mind. You really could never have a better friend. Sam shows us that we never have to go through anything alone. It is our choice if we going through something by ourselves. We can choose to have someone by our side. The true friends will never leave us, but that doesn’t mean we can take them for granted. Appreciate them while you have them.


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