All that is wrong with the Hobbit movies


        In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the way the characters spoke was an important aspect in the story line. They had an old English way of speaking. For example, when Aragorn was speaking to the king of the ghosts, instead of saying “what is your answer?” he said, “what say you?”. This speech pattern was more than fitting, considering the time period in which the books were written.

So what does that have to do with anything? Well, in the Hobbit trilogy, the speech pattern was anything but fitting. When Gollum was playing riddles with Bilbo, he would say to the Sméagol part of him to “Shut up.” Does that sound like traditional old English speech? Not really. What makes this more of a problem, the Hobbit was written to be before Lord of the Rings, as most people know. So why would the people of Middle Earth be speaking in a more modern way in the past than in their future?


        The biggest reason Tolkien fans have for not liking the Hobbit movies is how inaccurate it is. I used to tell myself that the added things in the movie were justified because it was stuff that was actually happening at the time. Azog, or the pale orc, really did exist, and he did a lot of the things that happened in the movie. Well, that justification made sense…until the second movie came out. Most people don’t know that the elf Tauriel never existed. Sure she did in the movie, but when looking through Tolkien’s books, she is no where to be found. Many things happened in the second movie that never should have happened, but the writers tried to make up for it by adding word-for-word lines/scenes. Sadly, that is not what it takes to make up for it.

All the things Gandalf did during the time was stuff Tolkien added in the appendix of Lord of the Rings. It has been rumored that Tolkien even planned to make the Hobbit longer, but instead put all the extra information in the appendix.


        In the beginning, Peter Jackson wasn’t even going to direct the Hobbit movies at all. Guillermo del Toro started out as the director. After two years of preparing, del Toro left, leaving Peter Jackson to direct. Honestly, Peter Jackson should have been in charge the entire time. After del Toro left, Jackson kept a lot of del Toro’s ideas. It has been confirmed that the elf Tauriel, who most Tolkien fans do not agree should have been added, was created by del Toro. This fact alone lowers del Toro’s popularity to an all time low. Many do not believe del Toro would have been able to handle these movies and are glad that Jackson again took charge of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.


        One of the biggest problems with the Hobbit movies is the hugely overused animation. Orcs, Goblins, and fight scenes looked very fake, way more so than in Lord of the Rings. The biggest examples are the Goblin King, Azog, and just about every single fight scene.

The Goblin King was horribly disgusting. No where in the entire Middle Earth books did it say that the Goblin King had to be nasty, dirty, and overall sickening character. The animation used to create the Goblin King made him an unrealistic character. The goblins of Moria in the Lord of the Rings were terrifying, intimidating characters. The use of makeup and costumes made them seem realistic and formidable. In the Hobbit, they are disgusting and tiny, not in any way scary.

Azog, although he was a pretty intimidating character, could have been a much more realistic one. The costumes and makeup from the Lord of the Rings, again, was perfect. If it isn’t broken, Don”t Fix It! I loved the reality that sucks the watcher into the story. When I sit down and watch the Lord of the Rings, I can’t help but be sucked right in. The Hobbit is currently playing behind me, and I am  very distracted, obviously. Basically, more animation is NOT better! It severely crippled the entire movie.


        The relationship between Gollum and Sméagol is supposed to be manipulative to submissive. For example, Gollum convinces Sméagol that Frodo and Sam deserve death and Sméagol is convinced that that is the only way. The Gollum-Sméagol relationship is amazing because of the symbolism of it. It represents the struggle inside ourselves and the affect temptation has on us. I was severely disappointed by the way it was neglected in the Hobbit. The relationship was changed to abusive to oblivious.


        Obviously, the Hobbit could have been much better. There were many simple fixes that were ignored and some, specifically animation, that wouldn’t have been so easy to fix. Over all, it seems like the directors did not have Tolkien’s vision in mind. If they had, the movie would have been a marvel to watch and amazing to the fans, (not to mention they might have had a chance to win best movie of the year.) Lord of the Rings is amazing and I highly recommend it!

The Lord of the Rings wallpaper


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